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SealMaster®…The Most Trusted Name in Pavement Maintenance for Over 40 Years.

For decades, quality driven contractors have relied on SealMaster® for all of their sealcoat materials, pavement maintenance products and equipment needs. Innovative products and equipment with unparalleled service have made SealMaster® a global leader in the pavement maintenance industry and a sought-after brand for franchise opportunity seekers. SealMaster sealcoating products have become the number one choice for pavement maintenance among property owners and managers.

A Global Presence
Over 80 SealMaster® manufacturing and distribution centers throughout North America and manufacturing and distribution in over 60 countries has made SealMaster® the most recognized name in pavement maintenance throughout the world. SealMaster is one of the world's largest producers of sealcoat with one billion gallons applied worldwide.

Your One Stop Source
SealMaster® is the One-Stop-Source for sealcoating material, pavement maintenance products and equipment. With everything under one roof from driveway sealer to traffic paint, contractors save valuable time and money on the products, tools and equipment necessary to do the job right. Each SealMaster® location is staffed by professionals trained to provide the best possible customer service.

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Why Sealcoat?
Sealcoating not only beautifies your investment in your asphalt pavement, but sealcoating also more than doubles the life of the pavement. You must sealcoat to protect the asphalt from ultraviolet light, water penetration and chemical attack. If the asphalt is left untreated and never sealcoated the oxidation of the pavement will begin which causes the asphalt to dry and become brittle and this leads to the erosion of the top layer and the appearance of larger stones and small cracks on the surface. Sealcoating per manufacturer's instructions costs substantially less than the amount of dollars spent to repair or replace damaged asphalt. As mentioned above, sealcoating also beautifies your asphalt pavement. A nice deep black sealcoat finished with crisp marking paint adds to the attractive appearance of your property.

Call now to speak with one of our friendly representatives. We are happy to assist with any sealcoating and equipment needs and
franchise opportunities requests.


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